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Corporate Social Investment

HOC Consulting uses corporate social investment (CSI) as a mechanism to apply its resources to address the development needs of the country.

Skills Development

HOC Consulting, in its operations, ensures that enough emphasis is given to skills training and staff development, through the following initiatives:

• development of interns

• employment of unskilled young people for training purposes

• engagement and general staff development and education

Registered with FASSET, HOC Consulting carries out all training in accordance with the Skills Development Plan.


Our corporate social investment (CSI) initiaties are aligned with our core business and we do so through a focus on entrepreneurship.

We assist entrepreneurs in the area of financial management.

We also impart other business skills and knowledge to uncover entrepreneurship qualities.

Non-Profit Organisations

HOC Consulting collaborates with non-profit organisations (NPOs) in the areas of impact assessment reporting, good governance and compliance.

Our solutions focus resources in developing NPOs, ensuring the sustainability as they go about doing their work.

HOC Consulting also encourages its employees to enrich their lives and become involved in their communities by offering support to charitable causes.

HOC Consulting is aware of the need to contribute to the care and upliftment of the broader South African society.

We focus our corporate social investment activities primarily on three areas – skills development, entrepreneurship and non-profit organisations.

We give back

through invsetment